TIPSTREN.comA Belgian Blue Bull cow has been in upheaval lately due to its muscular and muscular body shape.Bull, Cattle, Mammal, Animal, Livestock, Belgian Blue

However, there is the word “bull” this animal is actually a cow, not a bull. This strange breeding of livestock occurs because of naturally occurring gene mutations, called “double muscular”.

But many believe that farmers have injected anabolics used by “bodybuilders” with steroids that sparked debate on the internet. This animal was viral after Knickers, from Australia, made headlines because it was “too big to be slaughtered”. The height is not less than 6 feet.

It should be illegal to inject so many hormones and steroids into animals, whatever they need is a character that looks naturally healthy. It looks sick and sad
But others reply to steroid claims and explain their prominent muscles because of genetics.

“This is a Belgian cow, it looks like that because of genetic mutations that result in increased muscle mass !!!”

However, cows do suffer a number of health problems due to their “ripped bread” bodies. Pregnancy can be difficult and calves often have to be sent by cesarean section. Cows that have large weights continue to hit headlines, a farmer in Canada has claimed that it’s even bigger than Knickers. Knickers are known to reach 1.94 meters high and are believed to be the largest cow in Australia.

Karl Schoenrock, who manages Kismet Creek Farm in Manitoba, has advanced and said “large black dozers” are one inch intact higher than Knickers. Karl and Raelle’s wife decided to get out of the measuring tape after seeing the Knickers story go viral and they were surprised when Dozer came in defeat.

Aussie cattle
MIRROR / Aussie cattle
“He is just the most friendly animal,” Karl told the New York Post. He is not intimidating at all, except his size. If you stand next to him he will only lie next to you. “