Mauritius Monkey Slaughter Exposed

Noveprim Mauritius has begun their long anticipated cull, with reports last year suggesting that “thousands” of monkeys would be slaughtered due to a global “overproduction” of primates. It is believed that the slaughter begun at the beginning of October and will run until the end of November, although at this stage it is not clear how many healthy animals Noveprim intends to kill.

The reason for the slaughter is that overseas laboratories only want ­primates weighing less than 3.5kg, so any animal weighing over 4kg in the Noveprim facility is being euthanised as part of this shocking cull because they are considered to be surplus to requirements. On the 26th of October 2012, the BUAV released footage and images of primates that had recently been killed as part of this cull, all because they had either grown too old or simply weren’t required for breeding. Their footage can be seen below:

Noveprim have claimed that they wanted to sterilise the animals and release them back to the wild, but the authorities in Mauritius are alleged to have blocked the move. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but it is for more likely that they are killing the animals because it is much cheaper and easier than sterilising them and then releasing them back into the wild.

It has been reported that 125 monkeys are being killed at a time, each with a ­lethal injection to the heart and their bodies then dumped in bins waiting for incineration. It’s not known what percentage of the monkeys being killed are wild-caught or captive-bred, but given the fact that scientists prefer babies and juveniles it is likely that the majority of the animals being killed will be adults that have been caught in the wild. Footage of a Mauritian monkey trapper working for Noveprim can be seen below:

The Mauritian primate trade has been exposed numerous times for the shocking conditions in which these intelligent, social creatures are trapped and bred, but a less well known participant in this evil trade is the international airline Air France-KLM, the last commercial airline that transports primates from Mauritus, carrying upto 10,000 to the world’s research laboratories each year. It has been speculated that without Air France-KLM, Mauritian primates would become prohibitively expensive and the demand for animals from companies like Noveprim would significantly decline.

Air France-KLM has long justified their lab animal transports by claiming that they monitor the compliance of the breeding facilities they transport animals for to ensure that they comply with the required breeding regulations, yet they know there are no breeding regulations in most of the countries they transport primates from and the slaughter exposed in Mauritius has been sanctioned by the Mauritian government.

It’s clear that Air France-KLM are well aware of the suffering of the animals in Mauritius, it’s even possible they are aware that there is a mass slaughter currently occurring at the Noveprim facility they transport monkeys for, but we just wonder what their customers would make of Air France-KLM’s complicity in the pictures below: