Gateway to Hell Targets

The companies listed below are essential links in the transportation of animals for the vivisection industry, and as such they are important strategic targets for the Gateway to Hell Campaign. Each of the companies listed below is directly involved in the transportation of animals to laboratories and each is providing a vital service to the animal research industry.

Please organise demonstrations, send them emails, and contact them via social media to make them aware that their dirty secret is out and to call upon them to end their support for the vivisection industry!

1) Air France – KLM Group

Air France KLM are the number one transporter of laboratory animals globally, transporting tens of thousands of primates and countless more dogs, cats, rodents and other animals destined for cruel and unnecessary experiments. For this reason they are the number one target for the Gateway to Hell campaign, and as such they have their own page. Click here to see it!

@KLM  |  @AirFrance and  @AirFranceFR,
KLM: +31-20-649 9123
Air France:
+33-1-41 56 78 00 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)
KLM: Amsterdamseweg 55, 1182 GP Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Air France: 45, rue de Paris, 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex, France




2) Air India

Air India logo Air India implemented a ban on the transport of live animals for experimental purposes in August 2012 following a PETA campaign, however in October 2012 it was reported that Air India have now removed the ban and are transporting animals for the research industry again. Air India are known to transport dogs, rats, mice and primates, facilitating the Indian animal breeding industry in supplying cheap animals to the global vivisection industry.

Facebook – click here
Air India Headquarters: Air India Building, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021, India.