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Keeping a dog, cat, rabbit, or parakeet is quite a responsibility. To help pet owners take care of their pet offspring, creative developers come up with all kinds of smart apps. By the way, you can also make your own apps for your pets! But that is for another discussion.

Here, we list the best pet apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

New owners have the time with them because in this digital age all the necessary information can be found for free on the web. In addition, smart apps regularly appear in the App and Play Store that offer more customization in the field of animal care. These applications are unfortunately difficult to find. As soon as you search for ‘pet’, ‘dog’, or ‘cat’ in the aforementioned application stores, mainly games will emerge. It is therefore important that you enter the exact name of an application. All the apps mentioned in this article are available for iOS and Android.

Everything for your pet

PetsApp serves as an informative reference for owners of dogs, cats, birds, and rodents. In addition, you can also keep track of all kinds of data about your animal and set reminders. After installation, create a new profile and add the details of your pet(s). With a dog, HuisdierenApp asks for the breed, coat type, food, insurance policy, and chip number, among other things. In addition, you provide all kinds of information about health without obligation, such as weight and used remedies against fleas and ticks. Conveniently, the app tracks the weight in a graph. Furthermore, indicate when you want to receive reminders for the vet check-up and the administration of medication. The app even includes a built-in search engine to find online package inserts of medications. PetsApp shows the nearest vets, so you’re never shy about an address. A number of practices even allow you to video call, with a doctor observing your pet through the camera. That saves a lot of travel stress for your dog or cat. You pay afterward via iDeal for the online consultation. Furthermore, this comprehensive helper includes information about medical care, grooming salons, pet stores, dog schools, and popular walking areas.

Joint exhaust rounds

Dog owners regularly meet other owners on the street, which may create nice contacts. DoggyDating makes it even easier to walk around with other dog lovers. After registration, you will see which run-off areas in the area are popular. See at DoggyDates when and where other owners go for a walk. Via Participate you join an exhausted group. Of course, it is also possible to take a walk yourself and to enthuse other dog owners for this. The DoggyAlert function is also useful. If your dog has unexpectedly run away, you can report it. Within a radius of ten kilometers, other members of the DoggyDating app receive an alarm message, so that you increase the chance of being caught. Ask for further advice from other owners and add dog owners from your neighborhood as a digital friends.

Baby monitor for dogs

Does your dog or puppy perform the weirdest antics during your absence? Or is there separation anxiety? Keep an eye on things with the Dog Monitor app. For this, you need two mobile devices. Leave one smartphone (or tablet) at home, while with the second smartphone you keep an eye on things remotely. For example, hear when the dog barks and reassure your four-legged friend with spoken messages. When the camera is properly pointed, you can even watch live. In the App Store, this application costs 5.49 euros, while in the Play Store you pay 6.49 euros.

Dog training

Almost nothing is more annoying than a dog that barely listens. It is therefore of great importance to train puppies well from an early age and to strengthen the mutual bond. There are all kinds of apps for this, but Dogo is by far the best known. After you have created a profile, you first answer all kinds of questions about your dog. Among other things, pass on the age and determine what you want to teach the four-legged friend. You can choose from learning tricks, improving the speed, and opening the door. Also, indicate if the dog is very pulling on the leash or does not show up after calling the name. The app then puts together an appropriate training program. For example, the obedience course consists of 25 skills and the New dog of 42 skills. The intention is that you follow one lesson per day. To raise the knowledge level of the owners, each lesson also contains a short quiz. It is nice that the practical lessons consist of short instructions with clear illustrations. Afterward, determine how well your dog has performed the assignment. Nice is that you can also get in touch with other Dogo members. Invite any acquaintances. Dogo is Dutch-speaking and has an attractive design. The use of this app is free for the first week, but after that, the lessons cost a tenner per month or a hundred euros per year.


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Current dog news

If you like to try out new exhaust rounds, it is smart to capture them. That way you can walk the same route again later. Download the English app Tractive Dog Walk (iOS) or Dog Walk – Track your dogs (Android). Although the names differ, these applications come from the same developer. Once you have registered, you indicate that you want to take a walk. The app uses the GPS chip of your smartphone for route registration. So give the app access to the location services of the mobile device. You take photos without obligation during the walk, so that you can look back at images of the route at a later time. If desired, owners indicate at which locations their dog has made a need, although we do not see the point of this. A more meaningful option is that you can share the route live with acquaintances. The person in question receives a link on which the route can be followed. Incidentally, you can also share the route data afterward. Afterward, see how long you have walked and what distance you have covered. With this app, dog owners build up an overview of beautiful walking rounds.

Pet tracking

A loss of a cat or dog is a nightmare for every animal lover. Are you ever afraid of that? There are GPS trackers that continuously determine the location of your pet. With the help of a mobile app, you can find out the current position of your four-legged friend. Tractive is specialized in such products. This Austrian company develops waterproof GPS trackers that owners can attach to the collar of a dog or cat. The app gives a warning when your pet leaves the area marked by you, such as your backyard or residential area. A GPS tracker from Tractive costs about 50 euros and contains a rechargeable battery. In addition, you need a subscription. For example, a two-year basic subscription costs 3.75 euros per month. In addition to Tractive, there are other providers of GPS trackers for pets, such as Invoxia and Weenect.

Providing first aid

The well-known food brand Royal Canin has been running a first-aid app for cats and dogs for many years. Useful in case owners need to act quickly in case of an emergency. What do you do, for example, if there is an unexpected collision, or if the animal suddenly becomes stuffy? First Aid for Cat and Dog contains step-by-step instructions for dozens of doomsday scenarios so that you can easily offer the right help. The app also takes your own safety into account, so that a frightened pet in pain does not bite you unexpectedly. Most subjects have clear pictures of their actions. From the app, you can also search for the nearest veterinarian or call an emergency service directly if necessary.

Aquarium monitors

Owners of a freshwater or saltwater aquarium benefit greatly from Aquarimate. This English app costs 10.99 euros once. You can enter all kinds of water values, after which you keep track of the developments of the water quality in a graph. Consider, among other things, the values for phosphate (po4), nitrite (no2), nitrate (no3), and acidity (ph). Especially when keeping sensitive fish species, it is important to carefully monitor the water quality. Furthermore, set reminders so you don’t forget maintenance jobs, feeding times, and water changes. Finally, Aquarimate also contains an extensive database of fish and plant species.