Towing companies like towing service San Jose provide various roadside assistance. But their primary purpose is to transport a broken-down vehicle or automobile from one area to another which is on the request of the owner of the vehicle or the manager of a property. In urban places, towing companies help to control illegal parking where many vehicle owners disregard traffic rules and regulations.

Apart from towing vehicles, towing companies also provide other services like emergency repairs, tire changes, fuel delivery, jump start, vehicle transport and other roadside assistance services. This makes towing companies an important entity in the transport industry. Find the best towing service in San Jose California through this link –

What To Do When Getting Towed With Your Pet

When it comes to traveling, bringing your pet with you may be an excellent and fun way for you to bond. However, when your vehicle suddenly breaks down, your situation could quickly become frustrating. Although you may not have any trouble or issue to get a ride while your vehicle is towed, your beloved pet might not do so well. There are a few additional measures that you need to take when you’re being towed so as to make certain that everyone safely reaches their destination. With that, below are two that you have to do in the event your vehicle breaks down and need to be towed along with your dear pet.

Let The Towing Company Or Your Insurance Agent Know That Your Pet Is With you

When you request for roadside assistance, it is important that you let the towing company or your insurance agent know that you have with you your pet as well as let them know what type of pet you have in order for them to be make the proper accommodations for your pet. When talking to your insurance agent regarding your pet, also let the towing company that they will sending know to make them aware of the situation. A lot of towing companies permit you to bring your pet with you when getting towed, or they could also recommend another company offering such service if they don’t provide it.

Make Certain You Restrain Your Pet

When travelling with your pet, it is important that you bring with you a leash, harness, pet carrier, or a rope so as to secure or restrain your pet when the need arise, getting towed is one. As the owner, you are responsible for the actions of your pet. By law, tow truck drivers can disallow your pet into their vehicle particularly if your pet is being aggressive, threatening or hostile. If you don’t have anything to restrain your pet or the driver wouldn’t allow your pet in their vehicle, you can contact animal control for assistance.

Bottom Line

When travelling, make certain you bring with you a leash, pet carrier, emergency food supply for your pet as well as the number of your vet so that if your vehicle breaks down and need to be towed, you are very much prepared for such situation.