The moment that you have brought a dog in your home is exactly the same time that you have accepted all the responsibilities that come along with it. It is like when you are using the best electric shaver head to keep your head shaved and clean, it should be done on the right frequency. Much like with the care given to your dog, bathing is one thing that should not be taken lightly.

Your Goals when Bathing Your Dog

If you want your pet to have healthy coat and skin, bathing them would be necessary which helps in eliminating any unpleasant odor or get rid of dirt that has accumulated on their coat. The advantages of bathing include a number of things like:

  • Cleaning the Coat and Skin
  • Removing Loose Hair, Debris and Scale

If done correctly, then this can significantly improve the shine of your dog’s hair coat.

As for dogs that have specific condition, bathing might be part of its medical treatment as advised by their veterinarian. The frequency of bathing your dog varies between the needs of your dogs and its breed. In essence, dogs must be bathed only when necessary. In general, bathing is required when dogs have unpleasant odor or has accumulated mud or dirt onto their coat.

So if you’ve seen your dog to be dirty and have that distinctive smell, then bathing can be a quick fix to it.

Do it in Moderation

However, this doesn’t indicate that you should bathe your dog too often. Doing so will only dry out their skin as well as hair coat. In the end, this could open more problems. Only bathe your dog whenever it is necessary to avoid drying of the skin as your dog’s natural oils on coat and skin are stripped away if done often. As for dogs that love swimming, then there may be less occasion of bathing needed. But when letting your dog go for a swim, preferably do it in shallow waters wherein your pet can touch the ground always.

Ask the Pros, They won’t Bite

You can also go to your local veterinary clinic to get sound advice on the ideal products to be used for your dog and proper bathing techniques to apply as well.