Woman petting a dog


There are many alternative forms of drug rehab programs, each with its own way of helping people overcome addiction. In recent years, individuals have benefited from programs that use animals to assist patients to recover.

Animals help people in some ways. They’ll produce a chilling effect on humans, causing the person’s pressure to stabilize and their status to become more regular. People often feel less lonely once they have an animal by their side, and animals help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.


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Types of Animals employed in Therapy

Some of the foremost common animals utilized in therapy are horses. For patients to feel calm and develop inner strength, these gentle giants help. Horses are used for years for people with psychological state disorders and people that have problems with muscle control. Now the identical programs are being offered to individuals with drug or alcohol addictions.

Dogs and cats are commonly utilized in rehab. Some programs allow patients to bring their own pets into treatment due to the advantages these companion animals can provide their owners. To bring cats and dogs in to interact with patients, other treatment centers partner with service animal organizations.

While there are treatment centers like Detox Phoenix AZ that offer a more holistic and traditional approach, there are also programs that enlist the assistance of birds, bunnies, reptiles, and other animals. Because humans tend to reply so well to interactions with animals, these sorts of therapies are generally very effective.

Companion Animals

A patient should be enrolled in an animal-assisted therapy program so as to learn from animals during recovery. Those that own their own pets or who have a detailed bond with a specific animal can like time spent with the animal. Pets help keep a patient busy during and after habit detox and addiction treatment, they assist take the person’s mind off of their struggles, and that they allow the patient to become seasoned. Of course, one every of the most effective qualities of animals is that they love unconditionally. Someone who has made mistakes within their past and is hoping to start out a replacement life takes great comfort in the undeniable fact that animals don’t judge.