Animals are the worst creator of window screen damages among others. Usually, animals tend to run over it, make scratches, leave their fecal matters on it, or may tilt window frames. This incident may probably occur once animals are tempted to go inside the house through the window. Although, preventing animals from causing damages to your window is impossible for quite some time, protecting your window can be the alternative choice.


Ways to Protect Your Windows from Animal Destruction


The measures below are helpful tips in which the probability of window damage caused by animals may be reduced.


Don’t make window a feeding place for animals


Feeding, whether domestic or wild animals, needs to have a specific and proper location. It is not advisable to make it near your window because it may lead to some sort of trouble. Primarily, animals that have been fed close to the window may attempt to go inside your house via the window screen. The chance of doing this would be high because of their objective of looking for more food.


Another thing, feeding other animals in case that you already have pets may lead you to a higher possibility of drawing damage to your window screens. For example, indoor pets like birds, may attract outside animals and the only way for them to get those indoor pets is to go over the screens of your window.

Moreover, both indoor and outdoor animals of the same size consider the window screens as the only protector of a probable territorial strife.


Make your window screens out of reach


Most animals, pets or not, always love to stay close at open windows. The fresh air invites them to be there, and the open window is there gateway to reach the natural views and sounds of the outdoors. So, for them to be able to be on the outdoor, they tend to scratch the window screens. Better, if your window is located at height that animals can’t reach. This is one way to consider animal housing and facility design.


Build in stronger screens


One best way to make it hard for animals to scratch or damage the windows is by installing window screens that are more firm and stronger. At you may find windows that are somehow resistant to animal damage.