Zoos are without brings a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone both for kids and for those who are kids at heart. Going to zoos can be a nice learning experience too; we get to learn about new and exotic animals that we do not typically see. Aside from that, it can give us the chance to bond with family and friends. The question is, are the animals in the zoo feel the same way as how we humans feel?

What it does to Animals?

When these animals are taken from their homes or natural habitat and brought back to the wild again, they will not be able to survive for they have adapted to the “zoo life”. As a matter of fact, some animals are travelling hundreds of miles per year and being put into a habitat that’s fraction of the size they usually roam to, without enough space to even run.

Powerless in the Zoo

These creatures have people looking at them and pointing through a glass. They cannot get away from it due to the reason that majority of the zoo enclosures do not have a dedicated space for animals to hide themselves. After all, they are put there to be displayed. Then again, some animals were taken away from its natural climates. In fact, some animals similar to polar bears and penguins that live in extreme cold temperatures are put into a zoo enclosure that can be warm for them.

These animals don’t even have the luxury of enjoying varieties of food they eat. They are getting practically the same meals every single day on schedule.

It’s the Sad Reality

Because of this, these animals start to depend on humans when from the time of their captivity. When these animals are in captivity, it gradually makes them to lose their instincts when in the wild. Then, when they are released in the wild, these animals have low chances of surviving and most of them die. The animals are rely on humans to take care of them but when they cannot find them, they become clueless of what should be done. Again, this is because they have lost their natural instincts.

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