Similar to automobiles, owning a motorcycle would mean protecting it from different external or environmental elements. Cats in particular, whether it’s your cat or the neighbor’s cat, love to curl up and get cozy on the motorcycle seat, piss on it, and even use it as a scratch toy.

How To Keep Cats Off Motorcycle Seats

These certainly are things that you don’t want to happen to your precious motorbike. So how do you keep cats off your motorcycle seat? Below are a few solutions:

Invest in a Motorcycle Cover

One of the best and most effective way to keep cats away from your motorcycle seat is to invest in a high-quality motorcycle cover. This will not only keep cats off your motorcycle seat but will also provide protection from structural damage in various weather conditions, especially if you don’t have a garage to store your bike. provides a very helpful review and buying guide on the best motorcycle covers available in the market today to ensure you make an informed-purchase and end-up with a high-quality durable motorcycle cover.

Apart from keeping cats away, selecting the right motorcycle cover will depend on where you may need it. If you have a storage or garage, you most likely won’t need a cover with a water-proof and wind-proof material. You might just probably need a cover for dust protection. However, if you bring this cover with you wherever you go, do get a weather-proof motorcycle cover so check out

Make it an Experience that is Undesirable

There are some things you could put on your motorcycle seat to dissuade or discourage your cat from climbing on it and making themselves comfortable. For instance, you could wrap your motorcycle seat with a tin foil (aluminum foil) since cats are repulsed by the feel and the sound of it. Another is to sprinkle black pepper on the seat.

Train Your Cat

It is imperative to train your cat, and as you train your cat, also include in your training methods that will keep your cat off your motorcycle seat as well as in other areas where they are restricted. You could make use of unpleasant or undesirable experiences such as utilizing deterrents like pet alarms or devices that are motion-activated releasing unpleasant air puffs to keep your cat away. Others use a squirt gun to squirt water on their cat whenever they go to places that are restricted.