Through a series of three tests involving 16 cats, French researchers found out that cats can tell if a human is talking to them. That is why they are more responsive to their owner’s voice than that of a stranger’s

According to the study, cats have the ability  to distinguish between the “baby voice” their owners use and the normal human voice used when speaking to other humans.

The author of the study Charlotte De Mouzon,, said it’s important to remember that an attachment can be formed between cats and humans. Decades ago, cat owners thought of the creatures as independent animals that do not care about the humans who provide them with food and shelter. Ms. De Mouzon said their study proved otherwise.

How Were The Cats Tests Conducted

In preparation for the tests, researchers who conducted the study recorded the owners voice uttering sentences they usually say to their cat, including their cat’s names; but using a normal human voice and a human baby voice.

During the experiment, they repeated the recorded phrases in the way they are normally delivered while speaking to another human adult The sound recordings were then used in each of the three tests.

Moreover, the tests were conducted in a place that each cat recognizes as its home. The purpose is to avoid stressing the animal. Although the owner was present during the tests, only the researchers interacted with the cats by repeating the recorded messages.