Treating Dogs as Human Beings

There is a saying that dogs are considered as every person’s best friend because just like humans, they also have emotions and once you have established that you are more dominant and you are the master, he will really treat you as their master. They will go wherever you go and once you set foot outside the door, they will wait at the door until you come back. Most importantly, dogs will protect you. When you come home from a stressful work, they are just waiting for you to open the door and kiss you all over. Dogs are all you need to be happy, this is what almost all dog owners say.

With that being said, it is important to give back the love and care they have been giving by keeping them healthy, clean, and of course loved. Among those, the most important is keeping them healthy, this is if you want to be with your dog for a longer  period of time. The nutrients needed by your dog and what foods have those nutrients can be found in Which foods your dog should eat and should eat can also be found in the site.

Knowing What Types of Foods your Dog Must Eat

I have mentioned in the earlier part of the article that dogs should be treated like human beings as well. But when it comes to dog foods, the foods that humans eat are not all the time appropriate to dogs. The super food chocolate, for instance, should not be given to dogs because they might die from eating it. Basically, there are ingredients present is human foods that are harmful to animals.

In order to know which foods your dog should avoid and to take, it is always the best to consult with your pet’s veterinarian. He/she will recommend which type of food is best for your dog depending on the breed, age, and size. Also, there are commercial dog foods that will provide the needed nutrients of your pet.

If  your pet does not want to eat the commercial dog food anymore, you can add meat such as pork and chicken. But make sure to put only small amounts.