I heard Reiki in 1998. All those years before, there was not any such thing as online Reiki training. Actually, there wasn’t any such class specialization as Animal Reiki! Reiki for animals was only a reference at a Reiki course or even a paragraph at a Reiki publication.


I’ve taken and retaken Amounts 1-3 Reiki courses (for people) in-person in 3 distinct lineages within time (with varying conventions of Reiju/attunements) since I am really interested in broadening my comprehension of the method of Reiki in its numerous forms. Overall, I have trained in-person for countless hours at Reiki! I have also taken many online Reiki training in many different subjects, also obtained Reiju (attunements) online in addition to in-person.


I am quite thankful for all my Reiki teachers through time, along with also the base in Western procedures and philosophy I have obtained! Yet through time, since the vast majority of my clinic was with creatures (most of these shelter, refuge, or hospice creatures) my strategy and strategy started to evolve. Besides changing treatment protocol to match critters’ comfort and tastes, I discovered that the deepened advantages of combining Reiki with animals in all parts of practice, not only the official “therapy”–advantages that go either way. Since the strategy with creatures is different compared to people (touch-wise and state-of-mind-wise) and since my pupils were needing to concentrate on animal customers too, I started to gradually shift my attention from the conventional techniques I’d learned to animal-centric ones.


Thus, dependent on twenty-plus decades of Reiki expertise with creatures and the men and women who adore them, I’ve created my very own distinct program in Animal Reiki, in degree 1 pragmatic teachings all of the ways around level 3 instructor instruction. This program is aligned with all the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics and follows the Permit Animals Lead® columns of training. For a teacher for more than twenty-five decades, I am proud of this exceptional method I’ve made for animals and the people, and also stand behind my job –if my course is currently in-person or live/online.


The Animal Reiki Source Academy has numerous classes in Many Different Animal Reiki subjects. I would like to enable animal fans to create a true difference for the animals they love a lot. I really like to educate people, across the Earth, in an assortment of wonderful harbor, shelter, and rescue settings. At the time of online classes and effortless access to live video encounters, I am eager to have the ability to supply you with a couple of small live/online classes too.


I admire the fact that lots of Reiki teachers need their students to become educated in-person. It’s a personal choice and represents tradition over the Reiki community. I do concur that it is an excellent thing, to engage with the team, in-house and onsite. If you train using a fantastic instructor, it is a recovery experience, and I highly suggest it to some of you contemplating learning Reiki. I really don’t feel the”gold standard” of superior Reiki instruction is whether the course is educated in-person. There are lots of ingredients that go into standard Reiki training and specialist certification, by way of instance the ways that the instructor can exude compassion, enable and inspire their pupils and, even in the instance of both Animal Reiki, the manners their teachings shield animals. Expertise can be crucial and something which can’t be substituted. I educated over 100 Grade 1 and 2 classes in-person before considering adding a live/online arrangement.


Lots of my students live on farms in rural settings and so are not able to leave their animals to be able to train together in a different town. Some more have been motivated to find out Animal Reiki since they have a badly sick or exceptional needs creature that may benefit from the recovery which Reiki creates. Since their animal is sick, it’s impossible for them to depart for a single lifetime of instruction. Lots of my students have studied Reiki for people, but have discovered that animals do not respond well to the individual strategy, and thus they are searching for a brand new method. By providing live/online classes over a string of weeks, even in tiny groups and with a great deal of sharing and participation, I am in a position to enable several more animal lovers to assist the animals they enjoy.


Among these core teachings of Reiki is that electricity knows no boundaries. We could share recovery and loving-kindness together with other people in-person, by a fantastic distance, or perhaps in the future or past. From the Reiki area, species differences and spaces dissolve, and most of us shine together in the curing light of empathy. Within this era of modern technologies, together with our capacity to connect via audio and video from all around the world, I think Reiki is excellent for live/online instruction, recovery, and Reiju (attunements). When directed by an experienced and motivated teacher, this kind of instruction teaches the lesson which ability knows no boundaries in an actual and one-way manner. Why don’t you make the most amazing technologies which may disperse the healing benefits of Reiki to creatures and the men and women who enjoy them across the globe?


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Even though the structure and interaction differ in house vs. live/online, I’ve discovered there are advantages to both methods of studying. I understand my in-person pupils just adore the immersive experience from various animal places, but I have also received high compliments in my online learners in the effect a guided 8-week encounter made for their everyday practice. Seeing the favorable consequences my online instruction has had in my pupils and their critters warm my heart.


Here are only a few phrases from online learners:

“Her therapeutic presence was felt within this internet format as was the most loving and earnest power of other pupils. I’m much more powerful in my clinic.”

“Kathleen’s presence excels in the internet course so there’s not any distinction to being online with her rather than sitting at a barn alongside her. Kathleen provides the material within an inspirational and, yet functional, way. Bonding with all the other classmates within the 8 months was and surprising bonus! This course has altered the way I celebrate and socialize in my everyday life. This type of joy and pleasure to be in her course.”

“I strongly recommend this class for people that have a true interest in performing creature Reiki and discussing this therapeutic practice with other people but needing a supportive environment to talk about something that came up. It was fantastic that the interaction through Zoom also as most of us feel as though we have to understand one another through this port. So eager to keep this route in the years ahead!”

“The structure boosts immersion in and contemplation of every theory and/or procedure, which helped popularize my practice by bringing me back to the fundamentals. Kathleen’s wisdom and instruction, as always, was life-altering, inspirational, and energizing. Learning from and getting friends with other Reiki practitioners across the globe is an additional perk! I strongly recommend this course to anybody new to Animal Reiki and experienced professionals searching for a refresher.”

“Kathleen coated all of the pertinent information throughout the course to assist pupils to start to set up their daily training and gain a better understanding of her’let creatures guide’ way of Animal Reiki. The small class size has been valuable because we had a chance to talk about our experiences throughout the semester. Personally, I felt that the power of this Reiju which Kathleen provided us during each course. Should you find it hard to travel and attend a few of Kathleen’s in-house courses, I highly recommend her online Level 1 Animal Reiki Online Certification course. Thank you, Kathleen.”

And invite YOU and each of my pupils, since I also feel that I know a lot from every one of you! As an Animal Reiki Teacher, I want to give credit to these critters. My fire is to help direct students in Animal Reiki strategy and methods, but the creatures are the actual teachers. We only need to learn how to open our hearts, confidence, and Let Forest Lead®!


Whether you decide to find out Animal Reiki live or anytime and online, can the critters light your own path! Or if you want to teach something like Animal Reiki, better start learning how to teach online at