Like humans, farm animals raised with more affection are healthier and happier. As their keeper, it is our job to protect and take care of them.

Nowadays, we should be more gentle and humane when raising farm animals. The results of these are overwhelming. They will have more years to live, animals will be happier, healthier and more active. Farm animals who manifest these behaviors would also mean greater profit for farmers.

People have been domesticating animals for a very longtime. But, there is still much to learn about their needs. As their keeper and guardians, one should be fully aware on how to care for them. We should be responsible for them and make sure that their needs are met. To practice animal welfare, we should perform our duties and make sure that they are treated right. 

All farm animals need extra care and attention. We should treat them like family. It is nice to remember that animals can process thoughts and feelings. They have social connections that are very significant to them as they are to us. They are aware of who their friends are or who their enemies are. It is our obligation to keep them alive and to help them raise its young for the future. As keepers, we should be like a father to them. We should provide them with all our love. We see life in them. It’s many people’s dream to retire in a peaceful area with our farm animals. It’s the best retirement gift for our dad.

Taking care of them is not an easy job. It requires patience and hard work. Here are some tips on taking care of our farm animals and even pets.

Life on a Farm

Provide them with a home where they can survive and act naturally. Our animals need to be in a clean and safe environment. Make sure to provide them fresh and potable water on a daily basis. Give them enough food, take note that each animal has different food preferences. Creating a special bond with them is also vital. We can also improve their behavior by finding other means to relax them. Playing soothing music to them also helps in their well-being. Like humans, listening to music have many benefits, both physiological and psychological effects. Studies show that relaxing music may influence how farm animals behave. Playing music for them also relieves any stress they have.

Animal care and welfare should be practiced in every farm. Our farm animals deserve our love so we can provide them with a good quality of life.