Mostly seen as dirty and dangerous dogs, Street dogs or stray dogs are somehow a part of every city we get to see and visit. But what really makes up for this is to raise awareness on how we can help these animals rather than resorting to killing them to end the problem.

Free-Ranging Dogs

Free-ranging dogs as stated are ones that run freely on cities, and exist in almost every possible corner, bringing danger to people walking by. But, what really does happen in a street dog’s life?

These dogs, unfortunately, didn’t have any owners to domesticate them and take care of them properly with food, shelter, and health vaccines. These dogs probably do have owners, but somehow managed to find themselves away from home with no chance to get back. More than them being dangerous to people, a lot of impending dangers are awaiting them on the streets.

For starters, these dogs are chased by dog impound units of the government, they become luck if they are in a city that is against dog killing through gas chambers, or those that use tranquilizers to make them lose consciousness, where guns are similar to impacts of paintball guns seen on, and end up in dog care homes where they wait for adoption, but before that even happens- they run the streets eating whatever they can get from the dump with so many dangers on their health and digestive system.

Through the bacteria, they eat they accumulate more and more intense case of rabbis. Also, them living on the streets where they are exposed to smokes, harsh weather conditions, car accidents, and loud noises changes their behavior thus making them wild and chase after people with no apparent reason.

Dogs, need shelter and care like any other animal, and their condition on the streets is already bad for them. Adopting or helping out a dog can be seen as a simple act of kindness but is very much rewarding to do on your part, and for the dog’s part. People and the government need to put up more homes and advocacies to save these dogs rather than opting to kill them all. After all, life is a life regardless of its form and body.