Pandas? They’re just lovely and adorable creatures. Countless of people find them cute that many wanted to own them as pet. But is it really possible? The short answer is NO. So if you are camping with your stuff bought from, it is a rare scenario to encounter a panda in your campsite. But why is that? Primarily, it’s because pandas are considered endangered. In fact, there are just 2000 of their species in the whole world.

Even though owning a panda is legal, you’d still have to grow bamboo field as pandas consume roughly 50 pounds of bamboo per day. That’s a lot of bamboo!

Panda Misconceptions

There are actually many misconceptions associated with panda bears. For one, people think that it is okay to cuddle with pandas. While it may be true but there’s something about their appearance that makes them like it than being a dangerous bear. Pandas are actually not social animals and being petted is the least of their interests.

How much it would Cost to Buy a Panda?

Believe it or not, all the pandas you see, including the ones in zoos are owned by People’s Republic of China. Meaning to say, every zoo needs to rent it from China. Typically, they are doing this for a span of 10 years and the contract would cost them nearly 1 million dollars. This figure is what cost them for a year. So if that’s ten, you get the math.

This is among the major reasons why it is rare to find pandas in zoos despite being extremely popular.

Caring for Pandas

Of course, you have to make sure that these pandas are fed and cared for. Aside from having large fields of bamboo, they have to be groomed every now and then to ensure their health and wellness. In fact, a zoo in Edinburgh is spending roughly $90,000 on bamboo alone per year, to keep pandas happy.

That’s another reason why it’s just impossible to have pandas as your pet. Because even if you’ve got the chance to convince the Chinese government that you’re a good candidate, the expense to keep them happy and alive is just impossible to maintain. Unless you are a multimillionaire.