When considering for a career path, there will always be a good side and a not so good side. Some career may fail you and some may interest you, so the goal is to find that one career where it is really destined for you.

Having a career that works with animals, such as a vet technician, requires a certain amount of compassion and care as these people work through heart-wrenching experiences more often than not.  Yes, it may seem like more similar to a doctor, but becoming a Vet Technician is a lot more than just taking care of animals.

The Cons

Basically, it is not easy to work in a veterinarian setting. It would require a lot of hard work and effort to successfully care for such animals. Remember, animals are not like humans. That makes a huge difference in caring and curing them.

So here are the cons of being a vet tech…

You will be exposed to stressful situations

Well, any job or career path has its stressful times, but in vet tech, the long hours at work can be extremely demanding on the body. Dealing with the death of pets and distraught owners can have an effect on these professionals. Exposure to allergens like pet dander and fur, along with radiation are just some of the health issues vet technicians must deal with on a day-to-day basis. Remember, medicating on animals is far different than with humans. There is a disease that animals have that may be contagious and can cause extreme harm to humans.

You will deal with unpredictable animals, every day

When a human can tell you it is painful you can actually adjust with them, while it’s basically far different when dealing with animals who’s every move and thinking are unpredictable. When an animal feels threatened or alarmed, it will try to defend itself. And when in an unfamiliar area the situation could turn ugly, especially when the animal is sick or in pain. In these cases, the animals are more likely to scratch or bite unknowingly which what makes them unpredictable.

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