When you were still a kid, can you remember of a four-footed creature on your house or on the neighborhood? Do you always ask your mother to buy you that? Also, are you the type of person who regularly gaze in to the pet-store windows and secretly tickle the cute little puppies under the chin or on top of their head? Even today, have you been considering buying a toiletries and treats for your cats or even some armor for your armadillo and you even kind of want to sell pet supplies from hustlelife because of too much love for pets. If majority of your answers to these questions is yes, then you probably understand what it really means to be a pet lover and that’s simply why you’re interested in starting a business in the pet-cared industry. 

Americans are in love with their pets. In 2004, they spent $34.5 billion on our cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses and other pets, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA). In 2005, that figure is expected to jump by another $1.4 billion, continuing a decade-long trend of pet-spending increases.

This is a great news for aspiring entrepreneurs like you. Regardless if you are interested in hands-on pet care or selling pet supplies like toys, food and treats, the chance of your business being successful is high.

“The strong growth in the [pet-care] industry demonstrates what an important role pets are playing in the lives of Americans,” according to Bob Vetere, APPMA COO and managing director. “They have become a part of the family. Spending across all sectors, from pet food and veterinarian care to toys and treats, reflects what lengths we are willing to go to for our pets.”

This love of pets is also often the reason why people decide to start pet-care businesses. “We started our business with the intent to help animals and to point people in the right direction to help animals,” says John Zambelli, owner of NaturesPet.com, an online pet-food business in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, that specializes in all-natural pet food. “By feeding pets properly, you give them a good shot at a healthful life.

It is indeed an interesting business to start especially if you are a pet lover. You can start small by selling not so pricey product and eventually open your own store.