Nowadays, once rodents, squirrels or raccoons find their way inside your property, keeping your car in a garage might not be adequate as protection for your car. In recent years, an increasing number of cities and towns have been dealing with wild animals invading their homes. Due to loss of natural habitats as a result of wildfires, small forests animals have been turning to homes as sources of food and potential place of shelter.

While most homeowners sought help from professional wildlife exterminators and providers of infestation solutions, small animals like rodents and raccoons found their way inside cars instead. Such occurrences were common during winter months when the cars are hardly in use.

Although the wild animals have no intention of causing damage, car invasion and infestations often lead to problems. The animals are known to gnaw on wires, scratch leather coverings and use the same space as litter ground in which to dump their feces.

Consider Car Covers Especially Designed and Structured as Wildlife Protection

Actually, there are now car covers especially designed to protect vehicles from wildlife invasions. They are especially designed because the covers are constructed in a way that prevents small and large animals from getting inside from the ground.

Actually even pet cats and dogs cannot crawl inside because the covers are structured in a way that places a barrier between car and animals like rats, raccoons, squirrels, cats and dogs. In order to provide all-around protection, the protective cover is made not only of strong fabrics but also of wire mesh.

Even if homeowners keep their car inside a garage, small wild animals, including rats, prefer warm and dark places, which they usually find in a car’s engine compartment. If a car remains unused for months, as was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic, the wild animals found cars useful as breeding and nesting grounds, which created even larger damages.

Practicality of Using Car Covers as Vehicle Protection vs. Different Elements

Using car covers as additional protection is a good investment for numerous reasons aside from preventing wildlife infestations.

A car cover reduces the amount of time, money and energy spent on keeping one’s vehicle clean, regardless of geographical location and weather conditions.

Placing a car cover over one’s car while parked outside during the day while one is at work, is definitely a good protection measure. Daily and prolonged exposure to the intense heat of the sun will damage the automobile’s paint, cause carpet and seat upholstery to fade and apply direct heat to whatever’s inside your car.

A car cover also provides protection against bird droppings, acid rain and hailstones that can cause discolorations, scratches and cracks on the car’s exterior surface. In fact, even the daily exposure to different elements like dust, rain, snow and road salts can cause the formation of rusts that lead to more serious issues like corrosion.

A car that stays parked outside most of the time becomes an easy target for car thieves. Not unless there’s a car cover that shields the car from the prospecting eyes of car thieves. A car cover can act as a deterrent since it will take longer for car thieves to pick locks. The extra movement of lifting the car cover to look at the car can be the difference it takes for them to get caught, especially now that CCTV cameras are everywhere.