Like many dog ​​owners, you tell yourself that your little companion can enjoy your garden at leisure. If the idea is attractive, do not forget that a garden is not only a source of games, but it is also a source of danger for your animal. Toxic plants, dangerous animals, low branches, water points, toxic products, but also climatic hazards. The risks are everywhere.

Consequently, before considering letting your dog go unsupervised, take care to secure your garden.

Why should you secure your garden when you have a dog?

It is not because you have a garden that you can let your pet roam there freely and without risk. Indeed, outdoors, the risks are not lacking and the doggie who walks on the property of his masters remains exposed to all kinds of dangers. Just as it is necessary to secure your interior to avoid accidents, it is important to take care to lay out your garden well in order to allow your little companion to walk around in complete safety.

It is certain that you will not be able to ensure complete safety for your doggie in your garden, which is why you will always have to remain attentive when he is there.

Be aware that securing your garden will not only be beneficial for your little companion. Indeed, you have everything to gain. A secure and maintained garden allows you to prevent certain dangers for children, for example, but also to prevent your exterior from becoming a playground for certain wild animals.

Fence your garden when you have a dog

It’s the first thing to do. It is imperative that you fence all around your garden so that your doggie cannot get out. This means that the fence must be high enough that he cannot jump over it and that he is left with no possible access. You can use aluminium posts for composite fence panels.

A fence has many advantages because it will prevent your little companion from running away. In any case, your doggie will be able to better understand the limits of his territory. You will also avoid the presence in your home of walking dogs, stray dogs, or any other animals, some of which can be potentially dangerous.