Would you like to help animals? If so, then social media channels offer the perfect platform for important public relations work. Share posts, calls for action and delicious recipes are just a few clicks that can change your mindset and motivate friends and acquaintances to lead an animal-friendly life.

Tips to quickly and easily become active for the animals through social media

Subscribe to PETA’s social media channels

PETA’s various social media channels provide information about animal suffering and a wealth of information on how you can work together to make the world a better place for animals. Whether you are getting inspired on Instagram, enjoying funny videos on TikTok, or browsing Pinterest for new ideas, you can subscribe to social media channels to stay informed.

Share posts

The more people read posts and receive information about an animal-friendly life, the faster you will reach your common goal. This is to establish animal rights and save animal lives. Sharing posts regularly increases the chance that your contacts will deal with the topic.  Getting Tiktok followers through social boosting (SocialBoosting) packages can help your posts regarding animals go viral on social media.


Share calls to action

At PETA, they not only do public relations work, but they also put pressure on politicians and companies to bring about improvements for the animals. To this end, they regularly publish calls for action on various grievances, for example, to stop the abuse of monkeys during the coconut harvest or to end the sale of exotic leather. Sign these calls to action and also ask your contacts to support the calls. This is a quick and easy way to help increase the pressure on those responsible and decision-makers.

Comment and join the discussion

If animal advocates set a positive example, it not only works out well in real life but also online. Tell people who are still skeptical about your experiences with an animal-friendly lifestyle. Constructive criticism and factual discussions often work wonders. For example, you can share what it was like to adopt an animal from an animal shelter, try meat alternatives, or visit an animal-free circus. With such personal information, you can also motivate other people to choose an animal-friendly lifestyle.

Use filters in social networks

Clear statements can be made with topic-related filters on Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can make it clear that you are in favor of the abolition of all animal experiments or that a vegan diet is essential for climate protection. Your profile picture shows at first glance which topic is important to you. This easily serves as an introduction to conversations that can cause others to change their minds.